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    XMaxx First Impression

    So after debating between multiple different vehicles I purchased a 8s X-Maxx yesterday. I got into the hobby in 2004 and have owned just about every vehicle Traxxas makes except for the bandit so I have a lot of experience with different scale vehicles and different types. This thing is for real!

    The torque and the plush suspension reminds me a little of the first time I drove the original emaxx (black chassis) where you felt like it has all the torque in the world and really plush suspension but once I got it going up to speed it felt very smooth and predictable similar to a well tuned Emaxx BL on steroids.

    This was also my first experience with TSM and I was pleasantly surprised to see how well it worked. I've been in the hobby for years and I've got so use to throttle management and learning how to drive in the loose traction stuff but I can still see myself turning it on just to have a different driving experience, I liked it.

    I passed the stage where I just hit the throttle 100% wide open the majority of time I drive but the couple of times I did that yesterday I was shocked how light it feels when you push it, you would never think that trick weighs what it does. The power system throws it around like it's a smaller vehicle.

    Time will tell but I'm excited that the diffs should hold up much better then the erveo bl and emaxx bl trucks that I've had in the past. When you've. When you've been in the hobby a long time it's really not often a new vehicle gets you really excited about getting one but this one did for me and after driving it and even more pumped. I toke my stampede for a quick spin after I drove the X Maxx yesterday and it felt like a 1/18th scale.

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    Another Happy Xmaxx owner

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