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Thread: EZ start help

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    EZ start help

    Got some new parts for my slayer and was trying to start it last night. Alas the battery in the EZ was dead and the charger was missing a fuse. I am currently charging the battery now and I thought it would've had enough so I went out to try again and nothing. The lights come on for glow plug and briefly for motor. I am going to let it charge longer and we'll see from there. Any thoughts on why it wouldn't be cranking?

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    Too much after run oil in the combustion chamber or a bad connection between the EZ Start and the plug.

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    Take out glow plug & crank engine over for about 15 seconds re install glow plug & try to fire up engine... It should of cleared the combustion chamber when you cranked over engine without glow plug your engine should fire up.... Common issue with nitro engines loading up

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