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    Traxxas rear axle hub

    Hi I just won a Snap-On xmaxx.....woot woot.
    Already broke it, the right rear tire flew off with the axle while jumping a 6 step flight of stairs. After looking at it I saw that the rear axle hub was cracked/broken. So now I'm going to replace it, but before I do I wanted to see if the more experienced users had some advice on replacing it, i want to replace it with an aluminum one, is that a good idea? Why or why not? Recommend suppliers?
    And lastly any advice on what I should upgrade on it to ruggedize it a bit, what parts are worth upgrading to aluminum or stronger material if available? Links would be helpful too.
    I live in Montreal if anyone wants to play lol, in still a newbie FYI.
    I'd post some pics but I'm not allowed to post attachments maybe this will work!AouhOH8f97ErjnlVZDa1N81FoCil

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    RPM! They have an over sized inner bearing. Problem solved!

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