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    Question Telluride Brushless Upgrade - Need Help!?

    So i bought a Telluride last night, With the intention to upgrade to Brushless..

    First of all, Do i HAVE to go Lipo for a difference or will my Nimh batteries work fine?

    Theres a Titan 12T motor in my car atm, What do you recommend me to get for my Telluride?
    I want more speed but still dont lose any power.. If possible i would like to get it faster AND stronger..

    Im totaly newbie in RC so simple explanations is appreciated.. :P

    What KV do i want in a Brushless motor? Sensored or sensorless? Is it a waste of money if im not planing to get Lipo's?


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    Welcome to the Forums!

    If you go brushless, you will want to switch to Lipo batteries. They will give you much more power and longer run time than the NIMH.

    I would look at Castle Creations and Tekin for motors. Here are the links to their websites.



    If you are going to be doing a lot of crawling, go for a sensored system. If not, still definitely consider it. For the Telluride, I would say somewhere between 3500kv and 4000kv. Its mostly a personal preference, but that is where I would start.

    I would say, yeah. The whole purpose of going brushless is to go Lipo, so if you are sticking with the NIMH, I would stick with the brushed motors. But if you go Lipo and brushless, you will never look back, its a completely different animal.

    Hope that helped,
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