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    MY slash keeps flipping backwards

    I just broke in my new nitro 2wd slash. When approaching top speed it flips backwards. Any suggestions for fixing this problem?

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    Sounds like the parachute effect. You may want to cut some of the windows out to let the air exit from underneath.
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    2 has several new holes in the top of the body now from flipping and sliding on it's back for about 100 ft. Going 50mph lol. What windows do you suggest I cut out? It came with all that back portion cut out from the factory. I was initially thinking it needed stiffer shocks in the rear.

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    Cut a square hole or circle in the windshield.... Air will Pass through the Body more & add better engine cooling too You could add some lead weights to the front if you like that would help too... IF anything I would soften up the front springs & stiffen the rear springs ( I bet your Slash likes to squat in the rear when you mash the throttle ) I had a Nitro Slayer way back in the day before I converted over to electric & that's what I did to my SLAYER ran a lot better too just with those little upgrades... ( MAN wish I would of never SOLD my SLAYER ) Had a 4-Tec too Wish I still had that car too.....
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    I had the same problem with my Nitro Rustler. I used stick on wheel weights and I also have it geared waaaaaay high in fact I don't think I could gear it any higher 24 tooth clutch bell proline moab tires and a pretty small spur gear. It does still like to bring the front end up a little bit when you're doing about 70. In your case I would stick some weight on the front and try running it without the body a couple times.
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