Hello everyone.

Im not new to rc or boating but need some advice from someone who has owned a m41 for a little bit.

I owned the Traxxas spartan and in order to run properly it needed a dual rudder and water jacket .

Does the m41 need a dual rudder or will I be fine if I just buy the aluminum water jacket?

Im just wondering if the metal water jacket is enough to keep it running with no leaks on 6s and stay cool

I know the rubber motor cooler leaks so thats already a given on replacement.

I read somewhere where someone said "you think they would of addressed these issues from the spartan" my opinnion is they are meant to run 4s even tho they advertise 6s.

I can run a stock spartan on 4s with no heat or leaks and as soon as I go to 6s its over with. I dont see how the engineers get these to run perfect and the put on market when all we have is issues.

Makes me wonder if were foing something wrong.

Anyway, please help. Will i be fine with just a metal jacket and stock rudder? Has anyone had overheating peoblens or blown up esc and motors using stock eqipment