Hey my name is Phillip, I am New to the forum but am hoping you guys can help me with my issues deciding what exactly I need to have for the kind of driving I'll be doing.keep noted I have not driven this with any power plant as of yet. Trying to get it right on the first shot

First my car, is a somewhat basic X01, I do have aluminum bits here and there, a arms, big bore shocks, towers etc. The issues I have are that I m running a set of 1/5 scale adapters for grp wheels (4.50" od) , so I've added a fair amount of size, weight and stance, which has added some stress to the drivetrain I'm sure. Currently it has a castle 1515 sensorless 2200kv motor with a 54 tooth spur a and a 38 pinion. I will run this X0 primarily on 6s and asphaly until I decide to upgrade the motor. I have no esc currently. I have been looking at the Hobbywing Max 6 or Max5. (Leaning toward max 6 due to cost but would think about going for the 5 if it will handle a trigger happy driver with grippy tires better. )

My question is with my current wheel/tire setup and current motor, on 6s will the max 6 do what I want it to. (drift those grps, high speed occasionally but more parking lot fun ("high speed" bashing?) I run XT90 connectors on everything I have But do I need to go to the xt150? And I have no idea what I need to be running for spur/pinion that will be optimum for 50-60 mph (maybe faster) all while keeping my temps down. The car currently weighs in at about 17lbs with batteries. Any help for this and general Nooby gearing help would be incredible and extremely appreciated.