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    Question [HELP] Just how WATERPROOF are the Bandit XL-5s?

    I know the Traxxas claim the models to be "waterproof." I took that to mean that I could hit small puddles and the like without an issue, but my 3 year old picked it up and put it in his kiddie pool! The battery, receiver, motor, and speed control all got dunked. The power was on but not running at the time. Needless to say, I snatched it out of the pool, turned the power off, disconnected the battery, and dried everything off as best as I could. It's currently drying in the sun, but should I fully dissemble it before checking to see if anything got fried?

    I'm rather new to the RC hobby, I've only had my Bandit for a couple of months.

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    An air compressor would be helpful. A hair dryer would works as well. Let it dry upside down also. I'm thinking you'll be fine. I had my Velenion system packed full of snow with no ill effects. Still running it today.
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    I saw a video of some guys in germany skipping a lake and it took a dive. After 6 hours of fishing for it.they found it, cleaned it up and started driving it again. Not sure how long they dried it out.
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    I have had my electronics completely submerged and drove out of it, as long as your RX box is sealed, you should be fine.

    If you are running a brushed system (XL5), you will want to do some maintenance on the motor. Blow it out with air, then put a drop of light machine oil on each bushing.
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