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    Hey all! Just got a M41 and had a blast for 2 min until the esc shut down from over heating. After finally getting it back to shore I checked everything out and the esc was clogged. Took it home and tried compressed air from the opposite end and still nothing. Finally got a zip the to fit and twisted it around and now I can blow air through but it has resistance. Is that normal to have some resistance?

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    I don't think so. If you can't get air thru, for sure water can't get thru. Do you see water flying out the side of your boat when it goes by you, or is it dribbling out? Once I get up to a good speed you can see the water shooting out the side meaning I have water flowing fairly well thru the ESC and motor.

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    Mine doesnt dribble out but its not a steady stream. Might pull mine and take it to work and try and blow compressed air thru it. Either its semi clogged or the stock water cooling blows that bad.

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