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    What is the best dealer of hop-up parts you can get for your rustler

    Ok so I've been doing a little bit of research and to give everyone a heads up I do have all the RPM upgrades though I'm trying to go aluminum or better. Lots of people have been hating on integy so trying to figure out if not integy where should I get my parts so far I've gotten a few from hot-racing any suggestions on where to shop/who to buy from.

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    "Better" is all on your perspective and what you are trying to do with your truck. There are places on your truck where conventional wisdom says it is better to have aluminum, and places where it is better to have plastic.

    For general bashing, RPM is great for your arms, skids and bumpers. But for racing, you really want stock in all of those places, stock is lighter and flexes less. In these places you do not want aluminum at all, it does not flex, it just bends.

    For bulkheads, shock towers, and carriers, aluminum is great, it does not take a direct shock and it reinforces those areas, giving better durability and handling.

    Integy parts quality is getting better, but they are still the Anti Christ of customer service; and to be avoided. Traxxas, STRC, Vanquish and HR are better makers of aluminum parts.

    As far as where to get them, I recommend at your local hobby shop. You will pay a little more, but you will be supporting a local business, and you will have the convenience of getting the parts you want without having to wait on shipping.
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    Try atomik rc

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    I just bought a STRC rear bulkhead for my nitro rustler and couldn't be happier go STRC and RPM, you cant go wrong with either, but as Scott said stay away from integy unless absolutely necessary.
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    GPM Racing has some pretty good parts.

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    The genuine TRX hop-ups have earned my trust too.
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    STRC, FLM for the good stuff, HR for budget. I buy a lot from AMain racing.

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