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    Tread Pattern for front wheels

    Is the front tread pattern important for a 2wd slash?

    I want to get some proline beadlocks and a probably a set of each of there tread patterns and didnt know if i could get away with only getting sets for the rear and a single set for the front. Id rather not buy 2 sets of each tread pattern if it would have little effect on handling.
    I run on a host of different surfaces and would like to change tread to see how they really effect performance. Some of the surfaces I run are: Dirt(hard,loose),Grass (short and long),Gravel (small driveway, larger 2-3" sized), Asphalt, concrete (rough parking lots, polished warehouse),Mulch, and sand if I can find a place.

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    If you're racing on dirt, pins are a good choice, or grooved tired on the front. Paddles on the rear for sand but you'll likely bind up every moving bearing on the truck if you do so. Trenchers for the other surfaces.

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    Right now I'm
    Running stock traxxas on the front and Duratrax lockup in the rear with good results

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    I'm running Proline trenchers on the front no matter what surface I drive on, even my local hard-packed clay race track. I'm also running Pro-Line beadlocks with strc aluminum beadlock rings. I'll change out the rear tires depending on where I'm going to be driving. For bashing, I'll use trenchers in the rear.

    When I go to the track , I'll switch out the rears for M3 Holeshots, but I'll leave the trenchers up front. I've tried different tires on the front at the track, Holeshots, Blockades, and Trenchers. The Trenchers did just as good , if not better then the Holeshots or Blockades up front on the hard-packed clay track.

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