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    Gearing for bashing/speed

    Hi All,

    I have a pede 4x4 vxl. I am running the 11/54 stock gearing with a 3 cell lipo- truck hits 50Mph- I ordered
    The 15 tooth pinion to run with the stock 54 spur gear. Is this safe? I have a esc fan
    And a motor fan. I am looking for a higher pinion gear setup for an extra boost for bashing and speed runs -good combo

    Any suggestions?

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    Odds are your going to overheat. Mine thermaled out on me running 2S with 14/54 after 30 minutes of running. I didn't have fans though, but if it got hot enough on 14/54 and 2S to shut down, odds are your going to overheat it if you aren't already.
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    you are only limited by motor heat with the vxl. this is the reason traxxas recommends only using "speed run" gearing on the road and with attention placed on the temps a lot more often then you'd like.
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    You can go as low as using a 9T pinion and still acheive 30mph+ with your current setup for bashing... temps should be more than atequate for your needs.
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    I installed the 9T pinion on mine when I was running the 2s. I just installed the 3s and with the 9T, it's plenty fast for me on road and works well off road.

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