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    So I've had my SST for a while now and tend to do mostly bashing and a little track driving (not racing) and have had a number of issues with things breaking quite a lot. The main thing is the axles. I broke all 4 of them eventually and went to latrax aluminum ones, but the connecting rod is constantly thrown out. I've managed to fix them but they still break quite often. I've also managed to break the motor shaft and a few other things. I was wondering what some good durability upgrades would be. I don't have much of a budget but don't necessarily want to spend a large amount ($50+) on a single part.
    Whoops! Time to order more parts!

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    The connecting rods are popping off the ball? I haven't had that issue. The plastic replacements are very cheap, and might be worth considering first, as I don't think that is a common part to fail. Integy, GPM, and Hot Racing make durability related parts that I have tried without issue.

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    I have found that with the stock brushed system in it that all you need to upgrade is the axles, body mounts, shocks, differentials if you have the plastic ones, and diff housings. You should just super glue the connecting rods on the axles so they won't fall out and Hot Racing and GPM makes steel axles. I have both and the GPM ones are actually a little thicker in the middle of the axle than the Hot Racing ones. The Traxxas GTR shocks are really durable and I have had no problems with them and I have a Hobbywing brushless system in my sst and run a 2s lipo so now my sst goes 50+ Though, it's quite strange that the motor shaft broke.

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