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    What is the accepted best replacement for stock rear A arms?

    Hi Everyone,

    I noticed a crack in one of my rear a-arms and wanted to see what the general consensus was in what to replace them with. I have a few RPM parts which I am pretty impressed by.

    Do I want to go plastic or aluminum with the a-arms? I would love to hear any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions. Thank you all in advance for the time. Have a great day!

    George D.

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    Go plastic. I dont like RPM a-arms as they tend to bend or look like they sag in the middle after a while. I'd replace with stock.

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    I have used RPM on my Tmaxx and ERBE and I like them on both. Definitely plastic either way though.

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    Go aluminum. STRC. It's tougher than plastic and lighter.

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    For bashing, RPM is about the toughest you'll get. For racing, stick with stock, they are lighter and have less flex vs RPM. Do not recommend aluminum for arms, it bends, you won't see it, and you'll wonder why your truck is driving funky.
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    What is the accepted best replacement for stock rear A arms?

    Aluminum a arms for shelf queens imo. Unless you have an endless rc funds. Stock is cheapest and doesn't flex or sag compared to rpm over time. Win win

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    If bashing only then replace with stk. If racing then get the proline protrac kit. You will get the benefits of rear toe-in and they are just as durable if not more so than stk. At least that's what I've experienced so far. I don't mind the RPM ones but they do flex and mess with tuning setups.

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    Rpm a arms are a good choice. I've not had any problems with them, very durable parts. When I had the stock a arms on I never did have any problems with them so going back to stock and keep a spare on hand never hurts.

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    First we would have to know how and where you are driving your truck, just bashing? Light bashing? (little to no jumps) heavy bashing? (3s, jumping high/far) Racing? (how involved are you? Does 0.2 degree toe difference per wheel bug you?)

    Protract arms. Plenty strong but then you are stuck with their wheels and very slim pickings as far as aftermarket goes.

    Stock. Actually stronger than people give them credit for.

    RPM. Takes a licken keeps on thicken, but, is flexible which is a good and bad thing. One things is for sure it will survive more crashes than the 2 above.

    Aluminum...... no (unless you plan on cracking tranny tabs, sheering pins, bending shock shafts etc.) or building a shelf queen, or a truck that isn't driven very hard. Just don't get them.
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    I just switched to RPM after ripping a shock mount out of the rear stock A arm. I changed the suspension too, just because. I really like the RPM so far.

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