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    Velinion VXL3s system in my e Maxx ....will it last?

    Hi all,

    So I know the Velinion VXL3s system is not designed for a 1/8 scale truck ....but I think it's 10 times better than the twin Titans my question and concern is ...will it last? Has anybody tried it?

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    Eeeek nah man just do a castle 1/8 upgrade

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    The E-Maxx is a fair bit heavier than the 1/10 models that system is used in. If you're not running heavy tires and you go with a high gear ratio for more acceleration and less top speed it might work.

    The truck would be slower than it would be a with a 1/8 system and you'll need to keep a careful eye on your temps. I've seen videos of people running that setup but I don't know if it lasts.

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