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    Castle Sv3 Combo for mini summit.

    Hi guys, I have chosen the castle sv3 combo to go into the 1.16 summit. I read, however that it will only work on trucks that are not 4x4. I know that the mini summit is 4x4, but it is also smaller than all 1/10 trucks. I also want just plain speed, so should I go with the castle 1410, or 1406? Thank you for all your help!

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    The Sv3 combo's are meant for 2WD 1:10 scale trucks, so you are quite overpowered with a 1406 motor already. Using the 1410 motor in a Traxxas 1:16 car is asking for trouble (drivetrain and what not). Besides that you will have a hard time finding batteries that are able to feed the 1410 sufficiently.
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