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    Deegan Rally slipper conversation, is this possible?

    I recently got a Deegan edition Rally , and upgraded to vxl brushless system and a 17t pinion. I lost a few teeth on the spur today, before I replace the spur I was wondering it is possible to convert to a slipper clutch. If so what will I need?

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    Comes stock with a center diff? Traxxas 6878 is the slipper assembly.

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    This will TOTALLY work, saw a guy on YouTube do it

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    As Jimdog said, the slipper clutch assembly #6878 will drop right in.
    But since the stock spur/pinion is 48p and the slipper clutch assembly has a 32p 54T spur gear, you will also need a 32p motor pinion (try 13T #3943). You should also get the aluminium bearing adapter #6893X for the slipper clutch (the stock plastic one will eventually melt).
    With the VXL system you'd better replace the plastic center drive shaft with aluminium (#6855), and I believe you will also need the front steel drive hub (#6888X) for the center shaft (the rear one comes with the slipper clutch assembly).

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    The Slash 4x4 slipper assembly will drop right in. I paid 14 bucks. Then you will also need a 32p pinion.
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