Hi everyone i just got my m41 its the snap-on edition i won it in the promotion snap-on was doing i ran it for the first time on monday may 15,2017 it ran fine for 5 min running the way the instructions said to run it to get the most time from the two 3s lipos. After 5 min it started running like the lipos where low so i took it out of the water and checked it the light on the esc was still green i pulled the throttle to see if the light would turn red because low voltage detection was on and the light stayed green. I turned it off took it home and took it apart to dry it and lube the flex cable and bearing. On Saturday may 20, 2017 i took it out again after recharging the lipos and after talking to someone at the hobby store who told me to try recalibrating the esc which i did once i got home. I put the boat in the water and slowly pulled the throttle until it was at full throttle and my m41 ran as if it was on training mode at only 50% throttle i had no power. Ive tryed changing the modes and it does the same thing in all the modes ive tryed recalibrating the esc 6 times ive checked the connections all are good the flex cable is greased and installed to the point that there is a half a cm clearance between the strut and prop. Everything is bolted down the way its supposed to be. I dont know what else to do before i call traxxas if anyone has had this same problem and knows how to fix it please help or should i just call traxxas and get their help