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    Wink BigSquid Rating: A- Plain and simple, Traxxas hit a home run with the TRX-4.

    The big squid review is up!!
    I'm so ready to drive this thing. Wish it was going camping with me this weekend!

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    Dang, I sure love camping. Well... If I have a Gun under my pillow in case of a Bear.. But other then that, I love camping.

    Yes! REVIEW TIME! I wish I had the money for one. I'm debating to save for this or a SCX10... I'm going to have to wait for reviews from you guys about how it crawls compared to Axial.
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    Thanks for the link now i just have to get my grubby little hands on 1! Lol

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    Man, it's not that often Big Squid gives that high of a review; that's awesome that they loved it. I'm super happy that it looks like Traxxas has knocked it out of the park, the RC industry needs another big hit like this, and it looks the TRX-4 is exactly what we needed. Cheers to Traxxas for knocking our socks off.
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    Big Squid is a horrible site. Don't rely on them for any real information or legit reviews. They are, and always have been, ruled by their sponsors. The sponsors have changed over the years. They are now sponsored by Traxxas so they are obviously going to drool over anything that Traxxas releases.

    Despite that, I'm sure the truck will get great reviews by anybody that actually gets to drive one. The videos I've seen show impressive performance especially for an out of the box RTR!

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