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    Fiesta st rally

    Hey guys just picked up this new rally an seems fun but needs adjustments.... I'm thinking the a arms need wider for one as camber adjustable links as well. From there it's shock set up. Then maybe gearing. Any one familiar with this new rally and what improvements have you made. 1/10 version !!!!
    Sometimes you have to turn right to go left !!

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    Hi there, I have the Ford fiesta rally as well. So far I've upgraded the motor mount, the driveshaft down the middle, put a slipper clutch in and upgraded to the venellion motor ECU combo. Unfortunately I cant seem to get the gear mesh correct. But up until then I can honestly say I love this car.

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    Traxxas support has a gear mesh video ...

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    I think you need to purchase a 32p pinion to match the spur of the slipper clutch.

    I observed the spur on the slipper clutch is much agressive 32p instead of the stock one with 48p

    I bought the valineon 3s combo with new pinion and slipper clutch. I'll see how everything fits together pretty soon

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    Hello all, I new to the chats but not rc .I picked up the fiesta a few months back and absolutely love it. I've upgraded to rpm rally arms essentially widening it to a slash, dropped a hobbywing xerun xr8 sct 140amp esc, with a 4300 kv motor . 17mm strc adapters, gpm onroad tires. I put steel turnbuckles all the way around. I only run 3s so i upgraded to 54t spur 15tpinion 32p. i also did the strc bellcrank with bearings. might try to mod the posts so i can add a little stability without going with aluminum.

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    I have the Brian Deegan Fiesta Rally car. So far I have upgraded the lower arms, front steering and caster blocks, rear carriers and front and rear axles. I also upgraded to a castle sidewinder motor and ESC combo. I went with the Differential upgrade vs the slipper. I believe they are both 32P so a new pinion is needed. You can use the Slash 4x4 gearing chart to figure out what pinion you want to run.

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