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Thread: Temp TX and rx

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    Temp TX and rx

    Hey guys I'm awaiting a new TX and rx does anyone know if I could temporarily rig up my TX and rx out of my latrax in my 2wd stampede so I can drive it until my new gear comes in? Makes me wonder bc the rx comes with a 18th scale and maybe wouldn't be compadib with the 10th scale esc and servo? I don't want to take my latrax apart unless I'm pretty sure it will work

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    I did that with 1/10 scale but with 1/18to 1/10 i really dont know

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    oh hi guys, I am waiting for it too
    And thank you so much for sharing the time a new TX come out.

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    I put a TQi TSM receiver in my Latrax Teton and it works fine. (had to reverse the steering in the tx settings).

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