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    "Chinese specials"

    On Ebay and aliexpress, you can find a lot of Chinese parts for cheap. Usually when a manufacturer gives them the specs, they fill the order, and continue to produce it after. I purchased a set of aluminum hexes for $5 shipped today. They'll be ok, but what about things like shock towers and hubs? The pictures make them look really good, but I bet the metal is cheap. Any experience?
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    Depending on who you buy from honestly
    I have had ones that are really good and others that don't quite fit properly.

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    Just keep in mind, most of these ultra cheap parts from China are knock-offs. Some are of ok quality, a lot are worst than Integy, they have basically ignored the patents on these parts and made them anyways. They are cheap because they have had to do none of the R&D, and just copy them.

    Some of these knock-offs can be dangerous, like knock-off Traxxas and Deans plugs; many will melt at a fraction of the power genuine plugs can handle.
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    there are also certain places that blatantly rip off Traxxas designs and patents....

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