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    Coming back after 2 years, what upgrades to do?

    Hi everyone,

    I have a merv now for 5 years or so, used to be active on this forum and drive and work on it a lot. But around 2-3 years ago, gaming and University took over and I kinda left RCing to the side and havent driven or looked at it for atleast 2 years( so long I forgot my forum account). But recently I decided to pick it up again when my exams are done.

    Here are some pics of my merv:

    Now , before that, I want to make sure I can drive it, so I looked at my batteries and the state of the vehicle. I have like 6 lipos but they have been laying around for 2 years, so they might be dead, Unfortunaly when I wanted to check if they where by plugging them in my charger I noticed my charge lead was broken, weird. So a new one is on its way, will check my lipos later, hope they are still alive. ( Have 4 SPC 2500mah 2S lipos and a SPC 3s lipo + another hard case 2s)

    I checked the state of the car and it looked pretty good, I am probably going to tear it completely down to make sure everything is fine and look for any problems. While I am doign that, I might aswell put in some new parts.
    But for that I need advice, I have been away for some time so I dont know al the current stuff or my plans for this thing.
    I will list the upgrades I already have( a lot) and what I want to do with the merv. So you can see what upgrades I could use to make it a better vehicle.

    First: What do I want from it?
    I dont need an ultrafast RC, there is no space for that here anyway, the current system is enough , and if I want more, I always have the 3S lipo. I am also not looking for an extremely well handling merv, since that makes it more boring when just driving it around. Stuff that prevents roleovers is welcome though, sinse thats just annoying. I mainly want to drive around on all terrain uncarefully So anything that helps durability or reduces the amount of maintainance is welcome!

    So: here is an incomplete lsit of stuff I already have ( I cant remember everything)

    - bearings in servo saver and rockers
    -aluminum hot racing shock bodies
    - shock Tin shafts
    -gpm black and silver springs (front/back)
    -steel tie and push rods
    -lunsford titanium hinge pins

    Structure parts:
    -1/12 ofna wing
    -alumium knuckles
    -rpm front and rear black bumpers
    -front and rear chasis braces.
    -rpm front and rear A arms

    - onroad speedhawgs
    -offroad jconcepts goose bumps
    -all terrain dirt hawg

    - upgraded bearings of some sort (with a yellow seal apparently)
    -strc silver motor mount plate

    - bleubird servo (waterproofed)
    -lrp waterproof nexxt 4 exc( old esc died, dont remember why)
    - new reciever ( dx3C)

    - tbone 4pcs kit ( not mounted atm)
    -silver motor heatsink
    -jconcepts illusion body( for bashing)
    - proline slipstream body with airflow cuttouts for speedruns
    -dusty motors shroud cover ( not mounted atm)
    -stainless steel screw set

    That should be it

    I do remember issues with the diffs and drivetrain, so anything you can suggest to solve that would be great. Any other things you can think of to improve the truck are also appreciated.

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    Looks like you have pretty much everything you need. Nothing really gas changed since you put your truck away. I put mine away for 3 years or so and when I came back to it the only real change was rpm now makes green, red, and blue arms.

    The t-bone brace us great if you hit immovable objects a lot, or like to play in skate parks, or take stupid-big jumps. The downside is you lose ground clearance, and add weight, both bad for bashing.

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