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    Question Broken summit what do I need

    Hello my name is Jake and I have a summit 1/16 scale and it is broken when I turn it on the thing in he antenna box flashes red sometimes green and I have some pics I cut some wires because I got mad XD I'm stupid some times lemme know what I need well I don't know how to put pics in

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    Welcome to the forums!!!

    It is pretty easy to get frustrated when stuff isn't working right, most of the time it is best to just walk away from your truck for a while, then come back when you have a clear head. Below is the tutorial for posting pictures:

    If you have a smart phone, are a tablet device you can also use Tapatalk (free download) to post pictures as well. You need to make a Tapatalk account, then sign in with your Traxxas account, easy peasy!!!

    As for as your problems go, the first step is to fix the damage you have done, and them address the problems with the electronics. If you have cut wires they will need to be soldered back together.
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