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    The daughters new ride

    Man, it feels weird posting a new thread here. its been so long.

    But, I recently decided to get ALMOST completely out of the hobby. By almost I mean that Im selling off everything BUT my Sledgehammer, my first year stampede build, my Monster Camaro rally AND... of course, my own personal stampede... the same one I started with when I started on here.


    When my daughter was really young (like, 2) I thought it would be cool to build her an RC. A mini summit seemed like a good idea... So I built one up especially for a little beginner. But she was really just too small and it didnt take at the time:

    A few years ago when I got into SCX10's and scale crawling I bought my daughter a cheap, redcat crawler just to see how she'd do. She was 5 then and did great with it but it was so slow. She got bored.

    Thinking about keeping my own stampede around I decided to build her a stampede as well... as a graduation present I guess. The stampede is, hands down the best platform for a kid to learn on IMO.

    I had really wanted that Classic Big Foot stampede body so I bought that kit. Took the body and wheels off and put them on my first year stampede on my shelf. Looks amazing. Then I bought the following parts:

    -STRC Castors
    -STRC front and rear carriers in red (the carriers come with bearings... so no need to buy those)
    -RPM wide front a-arms
    -RPM rear a-arms
    -RPM 2X4 Slash front bumper and rear bumpers
    -Electrifly S-600 motor

    I already had the following
    -Traxxas adjustable rear camber links (to use up front with the wide arms)
    -32P Spurs and pinions

    It all went together smoothly. Any bits or pieces I needed I just happened to have (surprise). Only thing I had to really get creative on was the steering links... didnt have any long enough so I used some SCX10 4 links and got them to work for now.

    The traxxas 2.4 radio didnt appear to have steering dual rates... which in my experience will lead to killed servos. So I put together a Spektrum radio and receiver I had in a box.

    Body posts were lowered as far as possible and an unknown brand, but brand new Baja Bug body I have had laying around FOREVER... I have no idea where i even got it, it fit perfectly.

    The final touch was a set of custom built 2.8 Masher 2Ks on Traxxas VXL wheels. Back in the day, if you wanted Mashers on 2.8 rims, you had to custom mount them.

    Most of the hard stuff is done now. Still need some of the pieces to arrive. And I still need to pick up a better servo and servo saver. Im going to run the Titan motor till it dies then go to the S-600... which I've always had great luck with in the past. And I am going to replace the Axial steering links with proper traxxas ones here pretty soon.

    The plan is to give it to her this weekend. Here she is, almost finished.

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    Yeah, it has been awhile since your name has shown up on a current thread.

    That Baja Bug body is the same as the one sold by Redcat, which I'm using on my Rustler-to-Stampede conversion. What's funny is that it was apparently intended for a crawler, because the stickers that come with it say, "Climber 4x4". I initially put mine on a custom short wheelbase SCX10, which looked pretty cool.

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    The axial toe links actually work better than the traxxas ones. The traxxas ones that fit the wide mod are from the old pro.15 tmaxx, they use the small 3mm rod ends that are smaller and harder to find than the regular traxxas rod ends.
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    Hey pavmentsurfer, great to hear from you again. Cute kid. Wish I could get my daughter to get into RC.
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    That maybe the last time the truck is clean enough to sit on the suede leather couch...or at least I hop so! I love the baja body, super cool...that is a nice, clean looking build. I have been talking smack with my 10 year old and it's really fun. I've been trying to keep up with his Typhon with my rusty bandit.

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    Hey Pave, the truck turned out great! I'm sure your daughter will love it. I absolutely agree that the P2de is the best platform for beginners. It's what started my son out in this hobby and my HR P2de xl is still my favorite truck to drive. You know I had to laugh a little when I read that you were "almost" getting out of the hobby, yet still keeping four trucks! Lol I don't think I'll ever get out of the hobby and I still buy and upgrade Traxxas r/c's quite often, but life is just way too busy for posting much on here anymore. Couldn't resist when I saw your name pop up though. Good to hear from ya brother!
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    Haha its like a 10 year reunion round here...

    As always nice truck pave, and good to hear from you also baldy 8)
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