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    Cant figure out how I keep warping proline wheels!?!?

    Video of warped wheel here

    Okay so this is now twice this has happened to me. The wheel itself is warped as the problem persist no mater which corner the wheel is placed while other wheels remain true. The first time, proline's customer service replaced a set for me. Now after happening again within 6 or 7 runs I'm beginning to scratch my head over this. I've searched and found several threads but don't seem to be making any progress. This has occurred once in the front and once in the rear. The first time after a long practice session at the track (track has a really big double, 20 ft or so) and the second time bashing on some fairly rough gravel. Each time has resulted in blowing the outer wheel bearing (new BOCA Greens). I understand that the bearing failures may be causing the warped wheel but if that's the case why do I keep blowing bearings?

    After close inspection I found that the warped part is where the wheel nut meets the plastic. It looks as if one side of the nut digs in to the wheel itself. I do use the traxxas serrated nuts which do seem to chew the plastic a bit after taking the wheel on and off over time. I would have to imagine that the nuts are holding on after the bearing failure and then sinking in to the wheel due to slop but I don't really know. I'm not sure where to go from here, spacers maybe? I'm just lost. I'm only running 2s on a castle 3800 and I don't think I want the 17mm wheel conversions because I race and I'd hate to lose all the 2.2/3.0 SC wheel options.

    Relevant upgrades include MIPS X-DUTY F/R and all of the aluminum bits from the ultimate. I do have the MIPS properly installed based on the instructions with the bearing spacer in place for the rears. One thing that wasn't clear about the MIPS was the orientation of the outer keyed hex nut. I have the side with the raised lip pointed inwards towards the bearing. This looks correct based on the instructions.

    Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated
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