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    I have a Traxxas Product request.

    So I was just watching some of RCSparks' Larger Scale RC bids and all of them were Losi. So the product request is for Traxxas to make a 1/5th scale Traxxas Slash 2wd and 4wd. I'm just suggesting that, not going to go into whether or not they should be electric or nitro, that's for the Traxxas Employees to figure out. I know somebody else would like to see Traxxas doing Larger Scale. Now I know that they have the X-MAXX but that doesn't compete with other larger scale rcs. Reply if you think the same.

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    In its early days Traxxas had a 1/5 scale buggy, gas of course. If they did make another one, I would want it to be gas as well, spending $1200 for an RC, then having to spend another $800 for batteries doesn't sound like much fun.
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    Who know maybe one day. But I would think if they went 1/5 scale it would be 4wd. For me personally I wouldn't want anything that big for now. Maybe later down the road when I collect other rc's on my list.

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