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Thread: My First Slash

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    My First Slash

    I just got my new Slash 2WD hawaiian edition. I love this thing. I have put the RPM bumper rear and front and the rear mud flaps. I want Brushless. I am going to get either the Castle Creations Sidewinder 3 or the Traxxas VXL system. I'm on the VXL side. I want to keep my rear rpm bumper and mud flaps but now with a brushless system I'll need a lipo but will I need a wheelie bar and what setting should I do to my truck. Also what lipo's do you reccomend?.

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    Yes you will need a wheelie bar. It depends what you want for a lipo 2s or 3s. I use Traxxas 2s 7600 25c for my slash 4x4. For my E Maxx Brushless I use Traxxas 3s 5000 25c times two. I use the easy peak plus as a charger. If you want double the run time go for 2s. If you want speed 3s is what you want. Personally 3s is a bit out of control. I like 2s.


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    No wheelie bar really needed. Aluminum c blocks? Needed.
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    I'd suggest going with castle. I have the stock vxl and its been a good system to me. I upgraded from brushed to a castle sct system in my boys truck and its been great. Plus with the castle you have more programming you can do on it. Overall you really can't go wrong either one. I'd also suggest going Lipo, better run times and more consist speed with it too

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    I have both systems, i prefer the castle 3800 sct. I'ts just an all around better set up and runs cooler then the velineon. I only use 2s lipos and don't see the reason to run a wheelie bar.

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    well… i have the 3800 sct cc in an lcv and just with some slightly stiff suspension i get some crazy wheelies but i don't have wheelie bar it might be nice but not totaly a need.
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    the slash is so versatile you can convert it to do almost anything from a speed run car to a monster truck. have fun.
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