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    1st gen Traxxas plug to Molex plug adapter question

    I am planning to order a Bigfoot #1 at the beginning of August. I know it comes with a 3000NiMH battery pack and the awful (so I've heard) DC car charger. I have a Traxxas adapter, pictured below. Will this work fine with the new ID battery that Bigfoot comes with (the 3000NiMH one)? I know the older style Traxxas connectors are compatible with the new ID connectors and I also know that adapters are only meant for charging, not using in the actual vehicle while you run (so I'm told). Will I be ok? I plan to get one of the new Traxxas ID chargers the following month (September), so this is just a stopgap til that happens.

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    Should be fine.

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    The charger that comes with it is labeled "awful" since it charges the battery slowly. It is for those that buy their first RC and get everything they need to get going and keep running, then upgrade as they go. The first gen Traxxas High-Current Connectors are compatible with the current gen iD Connectors. So as long as you have something to connect to the Tamiya connector the Traxxas side will fit.
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