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    USPS Package stuck at "Arrived at USPS Origin Facility".

    So I ordered an iPhone 7 last friday off ebay and the seller who lives in Massachusetts didnt ship it till tuesday the 11th, its priority mail so the estimated delivery date is said to be tomorrow or 3 days later (friday), the package has been stuck at the original facility since tuesday it seems, its supposed to be delivered to me where I live in Georgia by USPS....should I be worried?
    Oddly enough I am having issues with amazon as well which have been "resolved", Tuesday I bought a mini sim to active the iphone when it gets here using 2 day prime shipping, it never came in the mail today and tracking was never updated beyond the fact that it "arrived at amazons east point facility" in Georgia, after talking to amazons CS they gave me a $5 promo certificate towards amazon items. thats a link to the picture of the usps tracking
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    I've never had any good experience with USPS tracking. Seems to always show the problems your having, stuck at a location in route only to have it at the door when in get home. I'd say give it some tim3le. Good you can call or stop at the local post office

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    i dont know for sure but ebay is great till you get scammed…
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    I have had similar experience with priority mail. The tracking is great on some and lacking other times. Other than that issue it seems to move packages across the country very quickly for what it costs. (except around xmas)

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