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    Squeaking Noise?

    Hello, everyone, I am about to upgrade my mini summit to the vxl system and retire the titan 550. I have been noticing some squeaking noise when the car runs. It doesn't seem to be affecting performance at all, but I am worried that it might turn into a bigger problem later once the brushless system comes. I checked all the bearings, and noticed that the cover for one came loose. I am not sure whether or not that could cause the problem or not. Maybe it is the motor, because it is almost a year old. I just don`t want this to turn into something ugly when I install the brushless motor.

    Thanks for all your help.

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    With this sort of problems, it is handy to have a video that shows it. It's more easy to see and listen to a video instead of trying to interpret a description of a sound.
    Could be a bearing, the slipper clutch that is too loose, some other part that binds, or tons of other things.
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    Squeaking N

    Lately Ive noticed a squeaking noise that sounds like its coming from underneath my truck when I accelerate. If I accelerate fairly slowly its fine but if I use any gusto at all it squeaks. I can rev the engine all I want with it out of gear and it doesnt do that. Im guessing its something in the driveline but Im not sure what. Any ideas what to look for?

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