I have a merv with summit tires.
16/50 is too slow to get the higher jumps.
When i change to 28/50 and put on the e revo tires it go around 6-8-9 mph faster, this is perfect for longer and higher jumps. After 10-15 min the stock merv need a break because it feels a bit hot.

What pinion can match the speed with summit wheels?
Would it get more hot vs merv if i find a pinion that make the same speed?

Thinking about a 19t after searching, but im not sure how mutch speed 3 more tooth will give.
Its better to gear up a bit vs Keeping 16t and run it on 3s i think.
E revo tires on 28/50 is great but the tires are little to small and the motor only scream or give cogging with less trottle with this big pinion.