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    Traxxas 1200 NiMh 7.2 broken


    Posting this for a guy that i know.
    He have a 2 weeks old 1/16 e revo brushed and the battery is already broken.
    It would not charge and if it charge on a computer charger the battery is still empty.
    It got also hot after a run on a stock brushed truck...

    Any good replacement nimh battery that handle discharging better so it would not get so hot?

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    Charging a battery on a charger with a different voltage is unsafe

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    Go to your LHS (local hobby shop) and they’ll most likely have what you need.
    YouTube: EvHexRC1

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    I can't believe you would even try to charge a battery off a computer. haha All nimh batteries get hot while discharging. Especially if you are running them hard. If it is fairly new. You apparently either have a bad battery or charger.

    What EvHexRC said.....................
    Choose Life !!!

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    overheating 7.2v nimh

    i just bought a 1/16 slash brushed and the battery is only lasting 5-10 min and after use and charging it is to hot to touch

    what do i do

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