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    Traxxas have listed wrong screw lenght on rear bulkheads? Screw hitting diff gear....


    Just changed rear a arms today and i got a Strange diff noise after..

    I always messure the screws and checking the manual when i mount everything back so i get the right lenght back into the parts.
    This two screws that goes rear on the truck, against the blue aluminum plate and the toe links.
    Listed as partnumber 3236

    Manual says 12mm lenght, but when i mounted theas and tried to roll the truck it made strange noises.
    I opened the bulkhead and the screws hit the gears...
    This should be mounted with 10mm screws not 12mm!
    The threads is broken so i need a new bulk head.

    Anyone want to tell me whats wrong here?
    I think Traxxas have putted wrong screws on the exploded views?

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    Traxxas have listed wrong screw lenght on rear bulkheads Screw hitting diff gear

    Looks great.

    Could you post a pic of the rear body mount please?

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    Well, you are not the only one. I just installed traxxas cvd's and everything seemed fine until I put it all back together. It started grinding and I found out that the rear shocktower caused the problem. It probably has to do with the screws in the back as you mentioned so I am going to put some smaller screws in there and see if it will run fine after that.

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    I have checked another e revo and it do have 12mm screw.
    That is too long. Because it hit the diff gear.
    I installed two 10mm and it was the right lenght.

    This is a strange issue. The screw only hitted at the backside of the gear, so it do no harm.
    Definitly need shorter screw. This should be listed out from the trucks and manuals.

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