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    Why cant I find a Nitro Vee??? Do they not exist anymore

    I've been looking for one on and off for the last couple years. I never see them for sale EVER. I've checked every craigslist in every state but nothing. Very few parts are still available online but not much. What happened to these? Why are they gone? I had one as a teenager, it was a blast and there were plenty of upgrades for it back them. I know I have one buried in a shed or garage somewhere but where'd they all go?
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    Boats went brushless. Used to be easy to find 20 different decent nitro engines for any rig. Now it's getting to be pretty slim pickings.
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    I got one not long ago, you can always find one on eBay. Also, I've seen a few NIB at a decent price. here you go:
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