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    Motor overheating in my fiesta

    OK well let's just get right too it. I bought a Brian Deegan fiesta. Didn't like how fast it went wanted a lil more speed. Put in a castle motor (6700kv) it over heated. Put in a goolrc (3600kv) didn't overheat as quickly but still did and was slower then the brushed 12t stock motor. Tried another castle motor (4700kv) over heated on 3s tried 2s also overheated (the other motors were 2s only). So as you can tell in kinda peeved and was wondering what could I do to make it faster and use it for more than a couple minutes.

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    This is the 1/16 forum. Better try if you get more response in the 1/10 Rally forum.

    Not sure which Castle motors you mean, but I never saw a 6700 or 4700. The 1406 series have 4600, 5700 and 6900.

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    try I castle sidewinder on 2s or a vxl. and gear down if your have problems with heat.
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