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    How to paint proline desert eagle lexan body

    I have a pretty complicated question. Just purchased the Proline lexan clear body DESERT EAGLE and want to paint it road warrior style. Obviously it's a lexan so paint on the inside, but how will I do that and achieve the old beaten rusty look? I know it's a backwards process so paint the rust first, but since I will be using spray paint cans are there any tricks or methods that will help bring out the old rust effect? Thanks!

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    If you want the rusty look, then you paint it on the outside, i would paint the inside black and just touch up the outside when needed.
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    Ive seen people paint many different layers on the outside, then sand down through the layers to achieve the beater look. Check rccrawler paint and body forum, im sure there are many how to threads on how to do it.
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    I’ve seen guys paint the inside then use matte or satin clear on the outside...

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