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    is it the chargers or the batteries?

    Last Christmas I purchased 2 Latrax SST's. They worked great for the first couple of months. We moved around April and they were in storage for a couple of months and then in my new basement for about a month. I got them out to run them with my son and both batteries were dead. I plugged them in and the indicator light on the charger stayed red for a few minutes then just gives one red blink. I've checked the fuses in the chargers like everything says to do and they are good. What else could the single red blink indicate? If it is the batteries I just have the stock 7.2V NIMH 1200mAh battery that came with it. What would be a good upgrade to purchase without have to go to brushless?

    Thank you in advance for any help on this issue.

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    Without knowing what charger you have. That's a tuff question to answer!
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