I've got a mid 2000's T-maxx that I love and sleep with(next to me sometimes). I want to know how I can convert this slowly and still play with it instead of waiting until I get another 700$ to finish it with a cherry on top(OS 21 TM) . I am happy that I joined this community and I look forward to using this forum for answers that I need and can give from my experiences. I have a T-max that I bought with a broken in 2.5r. The motor was purchased in 2008, I bought this dusty t-maxx a couple months ago, as it had been sitting. I bought big bore shocks, lightweight chassis 4922x, sporttraxx tires, aluminium servo mount a couple Savox sc1256/7 tg high torque steering and quick for throttle, Futaba pk4 2.5ghz with three receivers, tuned resonator, transmission skid plate, and basically everything else on the sport Maxx performance 3 page guide. I got the alum hex wheel hubs etc..... okay I wanted to buy everything traxxas that I can, just because I'm OCD. so I bought those aluminium turnbuckles, then I realised they were longer than the regular chassis. Then I went on eBay and bought a 3.3 transmission because the Robinson complete gear kit is all that is available that I have seen available. So now I want to buy rpm extended chassis everything. Centre drive shafts, and all four other drive shafts the 5451r and 4949r they are lightweight like titanium for Revo & T-maxx extended(new). So now I have a complete conversion going on, but I can still drive it, rpm everything comes to only like $140 or something. Those rpm parts are going to be sitting around with my newtransmission, new turnbuckles, 6 drive shafts, then Lunsford hinge pins. They will be sitting until I get everything to switch after that commitment comes to change everything sitting around from sitting and into my vehical. I started to try to fit my front turnbuckles, by shaving the steering bell cranks and shortening the thing connected next to the turnbuckles commonly found in the steering bell crank little kit that costs 5 bucks. It didn't work, went back to the old turnbuckles for the time being, then I bought the bell crank kit there because I ruined my old one. I looked up the steering crank for some reason or whatever, then I saw the 3.3 or otherwise maybe extended version right? Okay so it's different. Then I was wondering well what else is different, I'm pretty much buliding my t-maxx from scratch, so I can't buy a 3.3 and throw away all that regular plastic non nylon stuff. So here is my question, what is everything different on the extended chassis, what will I need from traxxas to complete the entire conversion to my ?-Maxx? All would be helpful for other people in this situation of buying an older T-Maxx and tinkering with it until it can't really be tinkered with any more, that's the shortest I can explain this. Hope I did not whack everybody up side the head with info! thanks for reading!