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    1/16 e Revo aluminum Aluminum Steering Arm Mount Post

    Recently I broke my steering arm mount on my 1/16 E Revo. I was looking into replacing the plastic part with the aluminum part. before I went ahead and did that I thought I would reach out to the community and try to find out if there are any risks in changing from the plastic to the aluminum. Things like;
    1) Do I need to worry about weight change when adding aluminum?

    2) Should I find myself in a situation again where the steering arm post could break again would I be in danger of damaging something else since the aluminum won't break?

    3) Should I be adding any kind of washer or bearing to lower friction between plastic and aluminum?

    4) is it best to replace the entire steering components with aluminum?

    Here is the arm post I am thinking of getting.

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    That's the same one I fitted, it's an excellent upgrade, I put the plastic servo saver back but put bearings in it, very very strong upgrade

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