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    Running dual motors

    Some guys put dual Dewalt motors in their Summit. While this increases power and torque, has anyone mentioned that run time is cut in half?

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    This is very rarely done since the detriments handily outweigh the benefits. One Dewalt 396505-21SV motor is more than enough for a close to stock Summit.
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    If you really want the power and torque just go brushless. The dual system is heavy, a lot of stress on the evx-2 esc, weighs a lot and is like $150. You can get a cheap brushless system like a lepard for around that price.

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    Agree with all the above. Many people knock the brushless setup saying they lack the low end grunt of the brushed system, but gearing will make up for that. I'm running a 72t spur and 12t pinion and my truck has all the low end I could need and still faster than stock. The 72t will need a little trimming on the chassis to clear but its nothing major. Personally, I think the dual Dewalt setup is a gimmick. Might be useful for a 1/5 scale conversion, "maybe".

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