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    Help! Nimh wont work

    i just brough a nimh from a guy for 40 dollars, he said that he hasn't used it in a year. I am trying to charge it with stock traxxas 4 amp charger but it wont charge, it will stay red and then start blinking red. Is the battery dead? The charger works just fine with my stock battery.
    The battery i brought is a venom 8.4v 4200mah
    Anything i can do? or did i just waste 40 dollars?

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    Don't know the current prices in your area, but here you could get a very decent lipo for $40.

    If he hasn't used it in over a year he probably didn't peak charge it and it drained possibly to eternal death. Do you have a multimeter to check the voltage of it?

    Since it is a Venom, best to contact the manufacturer for assistance with their product.
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