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    Rockers: Stock or After Market

    Just stripped out a front rocker after working on my shock. Does anyone have any opinions on some after market rockers or should I stay stock?

    My only problem with stock is that plastic does strip pretty easily.

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    stay stock and be careful next time
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    Ham fisted wrenching strikes again!! Just gotta respect the amount of force applied to the screws.

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    I have integy P2 rockers on all 3 of my revos. Got tired of busting the rockers in half.

    Integy rockers are horrible for fitment. On 2 of my trucks, I literally ground out the bearing recesses by hand with a dremel until I could tighten down the pivot post screw without pinching the bearing. Then when I got my ERBE, I busted a rocker, then gave in and ordered another set of integy's while dreading the painstaking 2 hours of grinding/testing/grinding/testing to install them.

    While I was looking at them, it dawned on me that if I stacked a couple inner bearing races (or 1 with shims), I could space the race of the bearing just a hair thicker than the integy rocker recess, then tighten the screw down without causing side load on the bearings. That was way less hassle. If I remember right, the fronts fit ok without any fiddling, but the rears required spacers/shimming. Still, was better than grinding/testing/grinding/testing... lol

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