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    Truck no torque motor or battery

    I was having trouble with the previous motor (original 550) and burnt it up after 2 years of inexperienced running lol. So i bought a new motor and broke it in and then took it to the baseball field for bashing. I ran it for about 20 minutes then it got sluggish and no torque. haven't drove it since. well i needed it today so i charged up the batteries and cleaned out the motor (titan 550). I dipped it in a cup of water unplugged from the truck and spun the shaft by hand, then sprayed it out with duratrax and oiled the bushings, put everything together and took it out the door. Ran the first battery through it (3000 NiMh) without issue, plenty of torque and speed. I tested the motor temp via the 4 second finger rule and could only hold it on there for three so it was getting hot. let it cool down and put my other battery in there (5000 NiMh) and it acted like it was dead. it had no torque, would only spin its tires a little bit but going in a straight line would get up to speed eventually. I just want to know if its in my motor or battery. Thanks
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    If one battery works well and the other doesn't, it is most likely a bad pack.

    Is the 5000mha pack charging really fast?

    Are you running your packs until the truck can no longer move?
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    I wold try bigger battery first nex time.

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