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    Nitro stampeede vs electric stampede

    Does anyone know the compatible parts between the electric stampede and nitro stampede? I'm positive there is different parts, but does anyone know of interchangeable parts?
    I am going to download and read thought both parts list and make a list of parts for both, but wanted to see if you guys had any ideas first.
    I am wondering this because i got a nitro pede for a steal, and parts are hard to get. So if the parts are interchangeable that would be great.

    - Zach

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    I think the only way to know the differences and similarities is by comparing the exploded views of each truck.
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    Many parts are different. Rear shock tower, rear and ft arms and links, ft axles, ft c blocks and carriers, transmission, chassis... Prob more. But.... The ft bulkhead and rear suspension arm mounts are the same, you can convert to standard pede suspension, and axles to the more modern setup. Ft bumper mounts and body mounts match up. Cant remember anything else been a while since i ownd a nitro pede...
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