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    A few questions regarding transmissions

    So recently picked up two 3.3 Revo's.

    Both trucks are in need of simple TLC but ive noticed some things an i thought id reach out an ask for opinions.

    First thing, Both of the transmissions have different Serial Numbers "C05147292 and C0514307". Could anyone be so kind to explain the differences between the two?

    Ok, and for the next question. One of the truck's chassis will not roll forward. Its completely locked up. any idea what could be the situation?

    Another thing is im aware its equipped with reverse, However there is a wire pigtail coming out of the Case of the Trans an then the Pigtail for the Servo. There isnt any room to plug the pig tail from the case in to the ESC. Any ideas what its for?

    My main reason im asking is to see which would be the best to go with since im going to use one of the
    trucks as for parts.

    Thank you kindly

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    Serial number is just that: a serial number just like your phone, power tool, etc.

    As for the locked up one: could be clutch, transmission, differential, something stuck in the tires. You'll have to spin parts that are supposed to spin and see which parts don't.

    There is a sensor that is inside the transmission and plugs into the Opti-Drive. The reverse servo plugs into this as well and the Opti-Drive plugs into CH3 of the receiver.
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