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    Lowering the mini summit?

    I'm going to purchase a 1/16 summit vxl later this week. I owned a merv and was amazing in the summer but in the winter it lacked the clearance for snow. If I buy a 1/16 summit vxl would I be capable of putting the Traxxas merv 7158 suspension rockers on to lower it without modifying the summit for summer driving? also, would I be able to put the stock merv tires on it? Thanks!

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    I have a merv with summit LT rockers a summit body and stock merv tires

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    Rockers don't affect ride height at all. All the long travel rockers do is give the truck more travel at the ends of travel (up and down)
    That said, clearance is adjusted with shock preload and tires. I have long travel rockers on mine, which is technically just a mini revo with long travel rockers and big tires. The only reason mine has more clearance than a mini revo is because if tires. The extreme high clearance you see in the traxxas summit pictures and videos is just the result of excessive preload.

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