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    Using OBA (Onboard Audio) Power supply wire from esc to power fan?

    I have the Slash Ultimate 4x4 LCG with OBA. Just got it this is my first Traxxas have been racing Team Associated but wanted a something that would be a better basher and something that I could possibly race while I am at the track with my Team Associated cars. I am removing the OBA so I was wondering if I could use the OBA power supply wires from the ESC to power a fan on the motor or perhaps some LEDs? Sorry it this has been answered before I did a search through the forums and didn't find any info on this.
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    Welcome to the forum and the addiction! You are among a group of people who share the love of the Traxxas Slash 4x4! If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Remember we are here to help!

    You would have to make sure that the fan could withstand whatever voltage your battery puts out.
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    Hey buddy,

    You can definitely run a fan or a few LEDs but you must consider the max amp load for the circuit. In addition, since you are probably running 2S or 8.4NiMH, you might consider a cheap DC-DC Step-Up/Boost converter to get a steady 12v. Many LEDs and fans run on 12v so it makes adding them a bit easier. I have installed LEDs of every flavor in autos, homes, businesses and yes, RC cars. If you ever have any LED questions, feel free to ask! Oh, and welcome to the club!


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