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    Question Servos wont turn the tires

    So i have 2x SW-1210sg servos with the heavy duty saver spring and a bec wired to run the all the receiver, but the tires still wont turn when standing still. These servos should be more then enough for turning the stock tires. Was just out with it and my friend has a stock Summit so we compared and mine was allmost as bad as stock. I have a aluminum steering assembly coming, but should i wire the BEC to only run the servos and the ESC would power the receiver like normally would like in this thread? Or could the problem be something else? Have the CC 10amp BEC
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    I run 2 savox 0251 mg water proof servos in mine no bec an it steers at a stand still sounds like u should hook the servos tonyour bec an power rx from esc might make a diffrence

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    Servo saver loose? Do they have one?

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