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    Suggestions for accessories for my new Slash 4x4?

    I am new to the RC world and have a brand new Slash 4x4, Futaba, charger, and two Lipos (the lowest level of lipos I think). I am going to use the RC truck casually with no intentions of racing it. It will be used on concrete primarily and some dirt and grass. With Black Friday coming up, I want to take advantage of any available sales. Can anyone recommend anything else that I should consider getting? An extra body? An extra set of tires? How long do the tires even last? Any parts that commonly break? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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    Good set of hex drivers. MIP is rereleasing the black ones, get a 1.5 2 and 2.5.

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    Hey buddy,

    Sounds like you got a nice setup! With these trucks, you can break just about anything depending on how/where you drive it. Last Christmas my son I opened our Slash Platinums from Santa and the first things we broke were A-arms and turnbuckles. Here is a small list of some basics that might keep your fun going after a little mishap!

    A-arms - This is a pretty good deal
    Turnbuckles - another deal
    Body clips

    Those are the basics. You didn't mention which model you have so there might be another thing or two but the parts above won't cost you much and are good to have on the shelf.

    Hope you love your new truck!


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    1) Quality set of tools (MIP)
    2) Quality LiPo batteries (SPC)
    3) Quality battery charger (Best you can almost afford)
    4) Street tires (G-Locs or Bandidos)

    Have fun and make it yours!
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    Hello. Some parts I'd recommend picking up are

    - Some A-Arms. You could go with the traxxas replacement part, or you could go with some RPM A-Arms which are a bit tougher.
    - Stock up on body clips, trust me, you can never have enough.
    - Get some street tires since you said you'd mainly be running on pavement. I use Proline Street Fighters and they lasted me quite a long time.
    - Maybe look into buying better Lipos. Try out 3-cell if you haven't already. It's much more fun on the street than 2-cell.
    - Some shock fluid and diff fluid
    - Aluminum shock caps, they will never pop off like the stock ones do
    - A good quality charger. I have a Venom Pro2 charger but I don't recommend Venom in general. Just my opinion.

    That's all I can think of right now. Have fun!
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    Don't upgrade by making everything possible aluminum either. Keep in mind that aluminum and most other metals are very conductive, so they will easily transfer the energy generated by an impact. When one part breaks/bends, another part, or multiple parts become weaker. I recommend all terrain tires that will not wear down on pavement easily, but will get you out of the grass, if you run your slash off of the road. Proline offers a wide selection of wheels+tires. Buy them for top quality. Higher mAh and C rating lipo batteries will increase run-time and speed+torque. Along with those, it would be wise to purchase a high quality computerized charger, that is compatible with multiple battery types/ cell counts/amps/volts. Buy a lipo bag too, in case of a lipo fire. If not used with care, you might be sacrificing your house for a lipo mishap. Lipo bags help prevent this. Go to ypur local Hobby Shop! The employees and fellow hobbyists there will most likeley be very knowledgeable, and can provide you extra-sufficient help as well as hands-on experience. Enjoy your Slash!

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